Monday, 24 October 2011


I had originally planned on making a post talking about comics, but something very important has come up. BLIZZCON. For those who don't know what blizzcon is, it is a convention where blizzard(Diablo, WoW, Starcraft) presents what is to come in the next year. Diablo 3 looked amazing, and Heart of the swarm looked good too. Here is where I get angry. World of Warcraft is going to be having a new expansion. The Mists of Pandaria. The abomination, yes abomination, that is this expansion is great. Below is the trailer. I will continue my rant afterwards.
Ok, so... seriously right? Pandaren have been an in-house joke at Blizzard, but come on, to seriously put this in the game that people pay good money for. I almost wonder if Kung-fu Panda approached Blizzard and asked to include them. But seriously, that aside, Pandaria is this beautiful asia-like continent. WAIT!?BEAUTIFUL?, how can this be? Didn't Deathwing come and break the world, how is it Pandaria has escaped untouched. I feel like this will just alienate all the die-hard players(like myself) who have been playing since Vanilla, and they will buy it because of the level cap, but hate it. On a final note to Blizzard. Why make a race that can be Horde or Alliance. That is ridiculous to me. Give this Panda to the Alliance and give the Horde something good. FOR THE HORDE!

For those who were not able to watch blizzcon, below i present the crowning moment of the convention. 
The Diablo 3 trailer.

Woot, can't wait!


  1. happy birthday!
    i have a small gift for you

    ill give it to you next time i go to your place

  2. You know I totally agree with this. This panda bear thing is totally inappropriate. Maybe ok for the Alliance, but even then.
    ;) For the Horde ;)